Funeral Seminar

“I would like to have my own funeral with originality,” “I would like to prepare a funeral for my family member in advance,” “I would like to use the funeral as an opportunity to share my faith in Christ.”
We have an “End-of-life seminar” for those who want to prepare for their funeral.

The purpose of our seminars is to prepare people for the last chapter of their lives, and to make the best out of their lives.
Our seminars also provides an opportunity to share the Christian faith at churches.
Seminars are carried out by Christian staff who are certified as end-of-life advisers.
If there are some people who are interested in Christian funeral, we are glad to visit your church and hold a seminar.

As a company certified by the Japan Funeral Service Conference, an NPO, we also provide various seminars about funerals according to your interest.
Please feel free to contact us.